Could Potential Changes To Federal Tort Law Impact Your Ability To File A Lawsuit?

13 March 2017
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If you've been the victim of an auto accident, slip-and-fall injury, or other physical injury due to another person's (or business's) negligence, you may be gathering the evidence to file a personal injury lawsuit. While there can often be some well-founded strategic and logistical reasons behind waiting until nearly the end of the expiration of your tort or personal injury claim's statute of limitation, waiting can also run the risk of changes in the law impacting your claim. Read More 

Is It True You Won’t Get Any Money For An Accident If You Ride With An Intoxicated Driver?

8 March 2017
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It's not unusual for a judge or jury to reduce a plaintiff's monetary award by a certain percentage—or prevent the individual from collecting any money at all—if it comes to light that the person was intoxicated while driving. However, passengers who ride in vehicles with intoxicated people may also be subjected to the same penalty. Here's what you need to know about this possibility and what you can do to avoid it. Read More