Who Is Responsible After An Accident Involving A Self-Driving Truck?

20 May 2022
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Human error is a major part of commercial truck accidents. Operating a commercial truck can be difficult and complicated. A simple mistake can lead to a truck driver ending up in a catastrophic accident. However, commercial trucks of the future might be fully automated and this could affect a commercial truck accident case. How Self-Driving Trucks Work Commercial trucks that are automated will use a variety of methods to make the truck easier to operate. Read More 

Questions To Ask After Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied With The Deviation Defense

22 March 2022
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As an employee, you are likely covered by a workers' compensation program. This means that you will be entitled to compensation through a workers' compensation insurance program in the event that you suffer a serious accident while working. However, you might need to hire a workers' compensation lawyer if the insurance provider argues that your injuries resulted from an accident that deviated from your work responsibilities. Were You Performing Work-Related Activities? Read More 

What Evidence Can Maximize Your Compensation After An Auto Collision? Find Out

20 January 2022
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When seeking compensation in a car insurance claim or an injury lawsuit, the evidence you present to the insurer can make or break your case. Evidence showing the accident's happenings and its impact on your life boosts your chances of getting a better settlement. Essentially, you should gather every possible piece of evidence at the accident scene if you wish to get the upper hand in your pursuit of compensation. Below are three crucial things you ought to have when filing a car accident claim. Read More