Can You Work Again? Trial Work Periods And Social Security

17 December 2017
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Once you have your benefits approved, you will be told that must report your income to the Social Security Administration (SSA) each month. You can only make so much income before your benefits get cut off, but you might also already realize how difficult it is to try to live on your benefit payment alone. There is a way for you to improve your financial situation and still stay on the good side of the SSA. Read More 

Four Factors That Affect The Amount Of A Wrongful Death Award

21 November 2017
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If you have a loved one who has passed away, and another parties negligent or illegal actions caused their death, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim helps to compensate you for the financial losses you sustained as a result of your loved one being taken out of your life. What one person may be awarded may differ from what someone else may be awarded. Read More 

2 Questions You Should Ask Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

1 November 2017
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Knowing if you should file a personal injury lawsuit can be hard. There are so many factors that go into the lawsuit that many people hold off and don't file when they should, or jump the gun, and file when they could have resolved it on their own. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before filing a personal injury lawsuit. Can You Resolve it With the Insurance Company First? Read More 

Part Of The Class: Understanding Class Action Lawsuits

2 October 2017
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Most people have heard the term class action lawsuits when viewing the news, but many don't really understand what this term means. Read on to learn more. What is a class action suit? If you consider each word in the term, it could lead to a greater understanding. In this case, "class" means a group of people who were affected by the same wrong and suffered damages. If you were among those affected by faulty airbags in your vehicle, you are a member of that class when it comes time for a lawsuit. Read More 

Four Reasons You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney

15 September 2017
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Filing for workers compensation isn't always so cut and dry, which leaves many people confused as to whether or not they actually need workers compensation. This is why it's worth it to know when you need a workers compensation attorney. Here are four specific reasons to consider one today:  You've Been Put Out of Work Indefinitely: If you have sustained an injury that has put you out of work indefinitely, then you definitely want to hire a workers compensation attorney. Read More