Five Things You Need to Bring to Meet with a Vehicle Accident Attorney

29 November 2023
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Getting into a car accident can be a traumatic experience, but going through the legal process to recover damages from your insurance company or the party responsible for the accident can make the experience even more overwhelming and confusing. To ensure that you have a strong case before a court of law, you need to hire a vehicle accident attorney. Here's a list of five key things you need to bring with you when you meet with your attorney.

Police Report

The first and most important thing to bring to your vehicle accident attorney is the police report documenting the accident. A police report provides a clear and concise account of the incident, making it easier for your attorney to understand the case's details. It will also contain valuable information, including the other party's details, witness statements, and any citations issued.

Medical Records

Whether or not you require emergency services after the accident, it is important to seek medical attention. Not only can it be critical for your health, but it also helps provide documentation for damages. When you meet with your attorney, you will need to provide them with copies of all your medical records that relate to the accident, including anything from a hospital. They will help your attorney understand the extent of your injuries, any future treatments you may need, and the cost of your ongoing medical care.

Insurance Policies

You should also bring along your insurance policies when you meet your vehicle accident attorney. Your attorney will need to go through your policies to better understand your rights and the coverage that your insurance company provides. They will help you understand any limits on the amount of compensation you can receive during the legal process.


Any evidence that you can find on your vehicle or at the scene of the accident can increase the strength of your case. This includes photos of the accident site, the damage to your vehicle, and any visible injuries. Video recordings from traffic cameras or nearby surveillance cameras, if available, are also invaluable. Collect and preserve as much evidence as possible and bring it in for your attorney to review.

Contact Information

You should not forget to take with you the other party's name, phone number, address, and insurance information when meeting with your attorney. Their information is crucial evidence that may help in building your case. If there were any witnesses, you should also bring their contact information to your attorney's office.

Meeting with a vehicle accident attorney is an essential step in the aftermath of an accident, even if the crash was minor. They provide you with legal representation, ensuring that you receive compensation for the damages and injuries you sustained. By preparing the five items mentioned above, you can help your attorney build a stronger case in your favor.

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