Pregnant Victims Of Accidents — 5 Reasons Personal Injury Cases Are Bigger

28 August 2023
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Anyone involved in a car accident faces the possibility of injury and often the need for financial compensation. But a pregnant woman is at higher risk and may have the right to more compensation. Why? Here are a few of the biggest reasons her case could be a bigger matter than others in the car. 

1. Double the Risk of Injury

Unfortunately, the unborn child is another passenger in the vehicle who is impacted by a crash. The safety precautions the mother takes help protect the child, but it is also at serious risk of injury due to its developing nature. Every pregnant woman who is in any kind of accident should always be checked out, often by both a general practitioner and a maternal health specialist. 

2. More Follow-Up Care

After the initial medical treatment is completed, the mother is more likely to go for follow-up visits, tests, and imaging. Unlike her, her unborn child's condition is often hard to detect and monitor. She may need different specialists and monitoring for a longer period than other accident victims. She may be advised to take time off or put on bed rest to avoid further risk to the baby. All this means more expenses, lost wages, and hired help. 

3. Longer Timelines for Injury

There is a reason that personal injury laws in states allow a year or longer to file a case. Some injuries aren't immediately apparent. Also, the extent of permanent damage may not be clear until time has passed and more treatment has been given. With a pregnant woman, caution should be taken to avoid jumping to conclusions. Things may not be fully clear until after she gives birth and the baby is assessed. 

4. Accidental Death of the Baby

Sadly, car accidents do sometimes cause the death of the unborn baby. If this tragedy occurs, the mother (and also the father) often has a case for wrongful death. Laws governing wrongful death suits vary by state, but they can compensate for things like medical care, funeral expenses, mental anguish, and loss of consortium with the child. 

5. Two Wrongful Death Cases

The worst-case scenario is that both the mother and the child could be killed in an accident. Surviving family members — including the other parent, children, partners, and parents — would likely have two cases for wrongful death. Since the facts of both cases are the same, the plaintiffs would often be able to pursue both claims in one court case. 

Where to Start

If you, your partner, or another loved one is the victim of a car accident while pregnant, make sure you get the financial help needed. Meet with an experienced car accident injury lawyer in your state today to learn more about your potential case.  

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