Why You Need Help From A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

20 July 2023
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When you get injured at work and you have medical bills or lost wages because of your injury, seek advice from a workers' compensation lawyer. Your employer may offer a settlement, but you may not know if the amount is appropriate. A lawyer makes sure your rights are protected and that the money you get is fair. Here's why you need a lawyer when you file for workers' compensation.

Because Your Employer Might Retaliate

Your employer may be more likely to retaliate against you if they think you won't hire a lawyer. If you're laid off, have your hours cut, or get transferred to a job beneath your skills after your injury, your employer might be retaliating. This is against the law. Your lawyer can help you fight against this so you don't suffer from lost wages. If you hire a lawyer right away, your employer may be less likely to take action against you.

So You Get The Right Settlement

A worker's compensation lawyer can consult with medical experts about your case to get an estimate of what your future expenses may be if your injuries have a lasting effect. Workers' compensation is also for medical problems that arise from your job. A medical condition might be permanent, so you'll need the proper amount of compensation. The lawyer also factors in lost wages.

The amount you're entitled to might be much more than what your employer offers. A lawyer is a better judge of what's fair based on their experience and consultation with medical professionals. You don't want to settle for less compensation than you deserve. Your employer's insurance company may be willing to pay your claim, but they have an incentive to pay as little as possible. You may need a lawyer to get the amount you deserve.

Because Your Employer Denies Your Claim

Your employer might claim your injury didn't happen at work or deny your claim for some other reason. When this happens, a workers' compensation lawyer may help you file an appeal and get the denial reversed. Other times, your employer might offer a settlement and then not pay it within a reasonable time.

Your lawyer understands the laws that pertain to workers' compensation and knows when your employer is in violation. They can help you get the money quickly, as is required by law, so you can pay your medical bills on time. No matter what type of injury or illness you have, it's worth at least seeking advice from a workers' compensation lawyer so you have a better chance of getting a fair settlement to help cover your lost wages and medical bills.

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