It Takes Two: You, Your Lawyer And Personal Injury Triumph

26 February 2018
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If you've been hurt in a car accident, you may have already figured out that counting on the insurance company might be fruitless. In most cases, you will need to take definite legal steps against the at-fault driver to get the full complement of personal injury compensation. The first step is speaking to a personal injury attorney, and while that step is an important one, this is no time to rest on your laurels. Read on to learn how your contributions to your personal injury case can turn trauma into triumph.

Keep to Yourself

When it comes to awful events like a car wreck, it can help to talk about it to friends and loved ones. It may even be helpful to speak to a professional counselor. The one thing you should not do, however, is say the wrong thing to the wrong person. There are two potential landmines that might pop up in your way, and before you even have the chance of speaking to a lawyer you could do real damage to your to case if you don't keep things to yourself.

Social media

Many people find comfort from posting about upsetting events on Facebook and the like, but be very careful what you say. Nothing is really private anymore, and records of your postings can be subpoenaed for court. Here's an example of how you could harm your case by posting: You post about the accident, but minimize the impact on you to avoid causing distress to your friends. Taken the wrong way, it might minimize your injury.

The recorded statement

The insurance adjuster for the other side won't waste any time before contacting you about the accident. This person's job is to interview and record your responses to questions about the accident. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. These adjusters are skilled at getting you to say things that could cause irreparable harm to your case. They may get you to agree that you had some part in the accident, which reduces their client's liability. Anytime that happens, your compensation drops. You absolutely are not required to speak to the other side's insurance adjuster, no matter what they tell you. Leave this to your lawyer.

Get Your Case Off to a Fast Start

Your first meeting with your new lawyer is an important milestone and you want to take advantage of that meeting by showing up armed with evidence for your case. Don't delay in gathering the needed documents and information your lawyer will need to get started on your case. You will need insurance information about you and the other party and a copy of the police or accident report as well. Your medical treatment comprises a major factor in your case, so be sure to provide your lawyer with a summary of your treatment so far along with receipts. Since you can also be reimbursed for lost wages, bring along one of your pay stubs or your most recent tax return as well.

Don't Procrastinate

The longer you wait to take action, the worst your situation will become. Not only will your lawyer be constricted by the statute of limitations, but the best evidence gathering comes within weeks of the accident and not months. Eye witnesses can disappear before they can be deposed, and everyone's memory of the event can begin to fade away with time. Don't allow the video of the accident to get recorded over or become lost, take action and allow your lawyer time to nail down those important bits of evidence.

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