Four Reasons You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney

15 September 2017
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Filing for workers compensation isn't always so cut and dry, which leaves many people confused as to whether or not they actually need workers compensation. This is why it's worth it to know when you need a workers compensation attorney. Here are four specific reasons to consider one today:

  1.  You've Been Put Out of Work Indefinitely: If you have sustained an injury that has put you out of work indefinitely, then you definitely want to hire a workers compensation attorney. Your attorney is going to ensure that you receive fair compensation that is going to cover you for the amount of time that you are going to be put out of work relative to your age. This way, you can live comfortably after the injury you have sustained despite being put out of work. 
  2. You Are Overwhelmed With Paperwork: Once you have sustained an injury at work, you are going to likely be swarmed with paperwork that can make anyone who is already in a dire medical situation feel overwhelmed. Instead of signing away on this paperwork, you want an attorney who is going to interpret what you are signing so that you are not signing anything that gives the insurance company an advantage of any kind. 
  3. ​Your Claim Has Been Denied: If you initial claim has been denied, but you believe that you are within your rights to receive compensation from your employer, then you will want to hire a workers compensation attorney. Your attorney can review your case and file an appeal. Don't be discouraged if your claim has been denied since this happens a majority of the time in hopes that you will accept it. Always have an attorney review your denied claim before deciding whether or not it's worth it to continue to pursue the case. 
  4. You Are Being Treated Unfairly by Your Employer: Finally, if you are being treated unfairly by your employer, then you are going to want to hire a workers compensation attorney. Especially if your employer has fired you because of the claim or demoted you or treated you in any other unfair way because of the claim. A workers compensation attorney will ensure that you receive proper compensation for the unfair treatment after your sustained injury at your workplace. 

When you know some more specific reasons you definitely need a workers compensation attorney, such as from the firm of John V. Boshardy & Associates, P.C., you can be sure that you understand when it's time to pursue their services.