These Surgery-Related Occurrences May Indicate Medical Malpractice

20 March 2017
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If you believe that you've been wronged by the medical community, contacting an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice law should be your first priority. When you get a chance to meet with this legal expert, you'll be able to outline what has happened to you, and the attorney will then be able to indicate whether he or she believes that it's prudent to move forward with a suit. Going through a surgical procedure can be a trying time even when everything goes right. In certain cases, though, there will be some problems related to the surgery, and that's when a medical malpractice attorney comes in. If you've recently had a surgery and believe that these occurrences were prevalent, contact a local attorney.

Your Issue Was Misdiagnosed

Doctors aren't always able to correctly diagnose different medical conditions and, unfortunately, it's often the patient who suffers as a result. If you've just had a surgical procedure to correct an issue and then your doctor has informed you that the issue wasn't corrected, this may be a case of medical malpractice. You'll want to retain a specialized attorney and consider a suit, given that you'll have suffered through not only the surgery but also through the lengthy rehabilitation process afterward.

You Were Sent Home Early

Hospitals are often under pressure to discharge surgery patients as quickly as possible, perhaps because of bed shortages. The concern with being sent home too early, however, is that you may be dealing with side effects of the surgery. In extreme cases, you may even need to be rushed back to the hospital if you develop complications. This is another key point that will strengthen your medical malpractice suit, as your attorney and his or her investigators will be able to research the average hospital stay length for your type of surgery and then determine if you were sent home too early.

You Had An Unexpected Reaction To Your Medication

Although many types of post-surgery medications will have some unpleasant side effects, patients can occasionally find themselves being prescribed something that leads to major reactions. This may occur, for example, if your doctor didn't take the time to meticulously understand all of your allergies and health issues. This is another sign that the medical professional may have been negligent, and this occurrence can strengthen your medical malpractice suit. When you meet with the attorney, he or she will go through every detail of your entire experience to identify any other issues that could have been avoided.

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