Who Is Responsible After An Accident Involving A Self-Driving Truck?

20 May 2022
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Human error is a major part of commercial truck accidents. Operating a commercial truck can be difficult and complicated. A simple mistake can lead to a truck driver ending up in a catastrophic accident. However, commercial trucks of the future might be fully automated and this could affect a commercial truck accident case.

How Self-Driving Trucks Work

Commercial trucks that are automated will use a variety of methods to make the truck easier to operate. These include depth sensors, camera systems, radars, and autopilots. One of the advantages of self-driving trucks is that they are not subjected to human fatigue. You also do not have to worry about a driver being distracted while behind the wheel, being intoxicated, or being inexperienced.

However, the safety of the vehicle will be based partially on how it is programmed. For example, if the vehicle is programmed to drive at a high speed rather than being programmed to prioritize safety, it could be just as dangerous as a vehicle that is operated by a driver. There might be a conflict between the need to not break the law and the need for commercial vehicles to be highly efficient so that the trucking company can maximize profits.

Steps to Take After an Accident

If you find yourself in an accident with an automated vehicle, you will want to follow the usual steps of contacting the police and waiting for them to arrive at the scene of the accident. The police will document the accident and this information will be used to prove that the automated vehicle is responsible for the accident such as making note of the time and place of the accident.

Why You Must See a Doctor

Afterward, you will need to receive medical treatment for your injuries. After you have been treated, you will be able to find out the extent of your injuries and take the steps necessary to fully recover.

How a Trucking Accident Attorney Can Help

Then, you will need to contact a trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will investigate how the accident occurred and will then help you build a solid case for why you should be entitled to compensation for your injuries. If the company that owns the self-driving truck was negligent when having the vehicle programmed, they might be held liable for any of your damages and you may be able to negotiate a settlement.