What Evidence Can Maximize Your Compensation After An Auto Collision? Find Out

20 January 2022
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When seeking compensation in a car insurance claim or an injury lawsuit, the evidence you present to the insurer can make or break your case. Evidence showing the accident's happenings and its impact on your life boosts your chances of getting a better settlement.

Essentially, you should gather every possible piece of evidence at the accident scene if you wish to get the upper hand in your pursuit of compensation. Below are three crucial things you ought to have when filing a car accident claim. 

Information Proving You're not the At-Fault Party

Proving that your injuries resulted from the accident might not be as easy as it sounds. And things can get complicated if the other party claims that you caused the collision. In this case, you have to provide evidence proving your innocence. 

For instance, you will need to show the events leading up to the accident. Your testimony should also prove that you sustained injuries and lost wages due to the car collision. That includes medical bills and witness accounts of people present at the time of the incident.

Therefore, you should keep all the records of your healthcare appointments and the services you receive. That includes x-ray images and MRIs. These records show the severity of your injuries. 

Information Showing the Occurrences at the Scene

If you're lucky to survive a car crash, you should call for paramedics to examine you and your passengers. Then, contact the police to assess the scene and give a report. Doing this enables you to prove that the other driver was at fault. 

After that, take photographs and record video footage of the scene, showing the condition of the vehicles involved in the crash. Ensure the photos show the skid marks and debris around the area.

Information Showing Damages to Vehicle Parts

Your vehicle damages play a significant role in determining the overall compensation. As such, you need to take photographs of the dents on the vehicle. And, if you recently replaced the damaged components, provide receipts to show the money you spent on the replacement. Doing this shows that your vehicle was in a good state before the collision.

If you want to build a strong case after an accident, gather as much evidence as possible. However, hiring a car accident attorney is crucial, owing to the complex nature of such cases. In addition, a lawyer knows what the insurer needs to see to offer you compensation without contention.

For more information, contact auto accident lawyers near you.