Common Workplace Injuries Associated With Standing For Extended Periods

19 April 2019
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No matter what kind of job position you hold or where you work, there are always risks of injury involved. Most people associate workplace injury with things like bending, lifting, or climbing, but injuries can happen even if you are mostly standing in one position for the majority of the workday. Since these injuries are rare, if you do sustain an injury due to prolonged standing and have to file an accident claim with an attorney, it is important that you have sought the proper physiotherapy for workplace injuries to help support your claim. Here is a look at some of the common injuries associated with prolonged standing in the workplace. 

Neck Strain or Injury 

If your job requires you to stand in one position with your head tilted or angled, neck strain or injury is fairly common. The longer you stand in one position with your neck at an angle, the tenser the muscles around the upper part of your spine can get, so it is easy for those muscles to get strained. For example, say you work at a factory and you are looking down at a table all day while you are standing. If you are not careful, the neck muscles can grow so tense and tired from looking downward that when you do look up, you can strain a muscle in your neck. 

Lower Back Injury 

Standing in one position is definitely a little hard on the lower back. It is important to take the time to give your lower spine a break if you have to stand for long periods. Therefore, your employer should make it possible for you to have time for breaks so you can sit, bend, squat, or otherwise stretch and move so your lower spine does not get so tensed that it can lead to a lower back injury. 

Feet Injuries 

The feet are commonly injured due to prolonged stress, especially if you are forced to stand in one position for a long period of time. For instance, standing in one position on a concrete floor without an anti-fatigue mat in place can contribute to problems with things like plantar fasciitis or over-stressed arches in your feet. Sometimes, these injuries will take a while to come on, but injuries can also come about simply by changing positions if you've been standing in one spot for most of the day while at work. 

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