Car Crash Victims: What Can You Do About Your Excruciating Headaches?

22 July 2018
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If you sustained a severe head injury during your car crash, you might suffer from numerous symptoms, including excruciating or blinding headaches. Although many headaches can go away within a day or so after an injury, some types of head pain can last for months on end. These post-traumatic headaches can interfere with your livelihood and ability to provide a good life for your family. Learn more about post-traumatic headaches and what you might do to treat them below.

How Do Post-Traumatic Headaches Affect Your Life?

Post-traumatic headaches describes head pain that occurs sometime after a concussion, laceration, or another injury to the brain. The injuries can tear or bruise the surface of the brain, or they can affect the nerve fibers, blood vessels, and lymph tissues inside the brain. Pain is often experienced after these tissues leak fluid inside the brain, skull, or both. The fluid can be substantial enough to cause severe swelling inside the skull. 

Accident victims can experience a host of other symptoms as well, including nausea, poor motor skills and reflexes, and visual impairment. The symptoms can interfere with your ability to carry out a simple conversation, sleep, and think. The symptoms can slowly subside with time, or they can become considerably worse.

The treatments for traumatic brain injuries can be significant. If you don't have the medical insurance or private funds to pay for your medical care, you may not recover from your injury properly. You can get the help you need by contacting a car crash attorney like those at Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices.

What Should You Do About Your Headaches?

A car crash attorney will need to pull or obtain copies of every medical record you have regarding your brain injury. The records can reveal many things about your injury, including the extent, location, and severity of the injury. This information may help an attorney obtain a higher accident settlement for you.

You may need to see other medical doctors and specialists about your injury, including a neurologist and internal medicine physician. The doctors can provide additional evidence and documentation about your injury, including how it will affect or limit your life in the future. Some brain injuries can be severe enough to require ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment.

After a car crash lawyer obtains the information they need, they'll move forward with your case. Unless told otherwise, you should continue to see your doctors for care.

If you need help obtaining compensation for your injury, contact an auto accident attorney today.