What Can You Do To Improve The Odds Your Dog Bite Claim Will Be Paid?

30 March 2017
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A dog bite is not just painful; it could also lead to a legal battle between you and the owner. In some instances the owner is willing to take responsibility for the injury and pay for the resulting damages. However, some owners are unwilling to do so. If you were injured by a dog bite, here are some tips to improving the chances the owner and his or her insurance company will pay for your injuries.  

Return to the Scene

Although it might be emotionally difficult to return to the scene of the attack, it is important that you do so. To file your claim, you will be asked to recount what happened. The adjuster will likely ask questions about the scene, so you need to be prepared to answer them. Unfortunately, the attack might have clouded your memories of it. By returning, you can refresh your memory and answer the questions with authority.

When you return, take pictures of the area in which you were attacked and any other points of interest that could impact your case. For instance, if the dog owner's nearby fence is damaged and it allowed the dog to escape, get a picture of it.

Contact the Dog Pound

If the dog has a prior history of attacking others, there is a good probability that the local dog pound will have a record of it. There are a few reasons that the dog's history is important, including it could help prove the argument that the owner has not taken precautions to ensure his or her dog is not harmful to others.

In addition to contacting the dog pound, you need to call the local police. If the owner had received citations in the past that are related to the dog, you need to know. Violations, such as not following the city's leash laws, could help build your case.

Prepare Your Demand Packet

Once you have gathered evidence regarding the incident and the injuries, you need to send a demand packet to the dog's owner and insurance company. Ideally, the packet should include a letter demanding payment for your injuries and copies of the evidence you have.

For instance, you can include copies of photos of your injuries. Color photographs can help make the injury more noticeable and can provide a clearer picture of what happened to you. You also need to include copies of all your medical bills.

dog bite attorney can offer suggestions for other ways you can ensure payment for your dog bite injuries.