Were You Hit By A Teen Driver Using Their Phone? Get A Lawyer Fast

13 March 2017
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If you were hit by a car full of teenagers and you or a witness could see that the teen driver was texting or touching the phone, you need to hire a lawyer. If the witnesses in the other vehicle are trying to say they were the ones on the driver's phone, or that the driver wasn't using their phone, you don't want to let the driver get away without putting up a fight.

When you have injuries, your vehicle is damaged, and you don't have the money to fix them, you shouldn't be carrying the burdens when the accident wasn't your fault. Here are some things to bring up with the lawyer.

Black Box Data Recorders

A majority of the cars that are on the road today will have a black box data recorder. This device records what the vehicle does, and will have recorded if the teen was breaking, accelerating, turning and more at the time of the accident. A court order will be required to examine this item in the teen's vehicle, and you'll want to get a hold of it right away.

Other Eye Witnesses

If there were other witnesses to the accident that spoke to the police, their names and contact information should be available in the police report. If their information is in the police report, you should be able to have your lawyer contact them to see if they can provide a statement with more details about the accident.

Video Cameras

Video cameras are in many places, and many people have no idea they are being watched. If you were by any of these areas, you may have the accident recorded by a nearby recording camera:

  • Business security cameras
  • Traffic light cameras
  • ATM machines

Your lawyer should be able to scout the area for nearby cameras and find out how to get access to the footage to help your case.

Phone Records

With a court order, the phone records can be examined from the driver's phone. If it shows that the phone was in use at the exact time that the accident took place, this helps your case. Talk with the lawyer to get the phone records quickly, since this could be the main evidence for the case.

If your life is upside down because of this auto collision, you want legal help as fast as you can get it. Talk with the experts so you can learn more about your case, and to see what evidence you have. If you're interested in talking to an auto accident attorney, click here for more.