Car Accident Claims: 3 Type Of Costs To Include In Your Demand Letter For Compensation For Scars

7 March 2017
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Since approximately 95% of all personal injury cases settle out of court, it's essential that you include all of your terms and conditions in the demand letter that you send to the opposing party's lawyer. When proposing a compensation amount you find to be fair and reasonable, it's wise to break down how the amount was calculated, so that the opposing party knows exactly what they're paying for. On top of requesting for compensation for physical injuries that are debilitating, you can also seek compensation for scars. Here's how you can breakdown how the compensation for your scars were calculated.

Medical Costs for Getting Rid of the Scar

This monetary cost is the most difficult to argue. All you need is medical reports and photographs to prove the extent and severity of the scars you've received as a result of the car accident. Include quotes and estimates, along with a medical expert's written recommendation regarding the type of medical treatment that will be most effective in getting rid of the scar. For example, consider whether you will need to pay for expensive topical creams or whether you might need to undergo laser surgery. The full cost of getting these medical treatments, which includes gas for getting to and from the medical facility, is clearly outlined in your demand letter.

Emotional Pain and Suffering from Having to Deal with the Scar

Having a huge scar from the car accident can be emotionally traumatizing, especially if the scar is located on a prominent place that cannot be easily concealed by clothing. Many people endure quite a lot of emotional pain and suffering as a result from a scar, as a scar might remind them constantly of the accident or might disfigure their previously good looks. Your car accident attorney will work out a reasonable compensation amount for emotional pain and suffering. Naturally, your age and gender and the severity of the scar will be taken into account when calculating its value.

Potential Employment Opportunities Lost

Are you a model? Or could you potentially have modeled? Do your looks have some type of effect on your employment? If so, having a scar on a prominent place and location might prevent you from chasing your dreams. Your car accident attorney will calculate the potential amount of money that you could have earned, and you can ask the opposing party to compensate you that amount.


Understanding how a scar affects your quality of living and your lifestyle is crucial in determining its value in a car accident personal injury claim. Break down how the value was calculated instead of simply throwing out numbers to make the negotiations simpler and easier to deal with. Contact a firm like Clearfield & Kofsky to learn more.