6 Signs of Traumatic Injury During Birth Every New Parent Should Know

3 March 2017
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Having a baby is easily one of the most exciting times of your life. While the whole process of labor and delivery can be scary, it is easy to put total faith in the treating physicians and nursing staff around you because you assume they have the qualifications and experience to ensure your child is delivered safely. Unfortunately, in some cases, babies are inadvertently injured during the birthing process due to medical negligence. While these signs of injury are usually noted by the practicing staff involved, it is always best for you to also be familiar with signs of birth injury as a parent. 

Weakness - Healthy babies who are delivered safely without health issues are usually pretty active right off the bat. They will sleep most of the time, but when your baby is awake, their movements will be strong and reflexes very noticeable. They may kick their feet when they cry, move their arms, and grip your fingers. If they do not, this is a sign that something is wrong.

Wheezing - Wheezing can be a sign that a baby has suffered traumatic injury to their respiratory system during birth. Most of the time, wheezing is simply a sign that the baby has aspirated fluids, but this is a condition that should be immediately assessed by a pediatrician. 

Difficulty Suckling - Babies that are carried to full term are born knowing how to suckle so they can eat. If your baby seems to have issues with sucking, or even swallowing, when they are being fed, it could be a sign of injury. 

Drooling - Newborn babies don't do a lot of drooling because for the most part, their mouth remains closed unless they're crying or eating. Excessive drooling or holding the mouth open for long periods can be a sign of brain trauma that is a result of birth injury. 

Excessive Crying - Babies cry even as newborns and this is perfectly normal. However, if a baby cries inconsolably immediately after delivery without a known cause, it may be a sign that they are in pain due to an injury or suffering in some way. Excessive crying due to a birth injury is often times more high-pitched and constant. 

Pale Appearance - A pale or waxy appearance to a newborn baby's skin can be indicative of lack of blood flow and circulation. Lack of blood flow and poor circulation can be caused by unseen injuries to the musculoskeletal system and a low heart rate.